Wait, what does "Full service" mean? To me, it means handling every aspect of planning and designing your home or commercial space, down to the very last detail. I create spaces that are functional yet elegant, modern yet timeless, and most of all, inviting. I don't strive for a specific design style, but more so the feeling you get when you enter a room and it just feels right.


In my project area you'll find a small selection of the most resent projects I'm working on, and some finalized ones. If you want to see more of my work please don't hesitate in contacting me.

Shapes & Colours

Interior is al about shapes and colours. Everyday we are deleting images from our phones to get extra space and get rid of all we don't want to save anymore.

In my blog I want to update you once in awhile of things I saved from deleting.

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Since there is usually a layer of hairspray all over my bathroom counter after I’ve finished my hair, I tend to avoid keeping things β€œout” on my counter as much as possible. This does not stop me from putting a small selection of things that are necessary to complete the image and style I would like to see.

In my Blog you can find the most beautiful images of bathrooms and skincare products I like combining after realizing a project. And I hope they inspire you just as they inspire me.

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